Wire Technology

We are very professional in producing wire product , we have good experience from producing big range of products ,include household product , hotel product etc ,we made big range of patent wine rack,different designs in good qulilty which you will surely find a one you like, we update our product every season , we like to be a pioneer of wine rack manufacturer , pls check our big range wine rack and wire product in our website –product.we also have good technology to customize wire product ,your enquiry will be hignly concerned .we will surely give you our best price , short lead time with quality assurance.

  • BR2400 bathtub rack

  • IMG_20160625_092250

  • IMG_20160625_092525

  • IMG_20160625_092935

  • IMG_20160625_093034

  • IMG_20160625_093606

  • IMG_20160625_094054

  • IMG_20160625_094257

  • IMG_20160625_095106

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