We are very professional in making plastic product,we have very good experience from producing more than 10 thousands kind of product from 1983.The machine we have ranging from 40 to 1300 tons : 40Ton 3sets ,60Ton 3sets, 80Ton 8sets ,100Ton 5sets, 120Ton 3sets ,150Ton 6sets ,180Ton 2sets, 200Ton 2sets ,250Ton 2sets ,300Ton 2sets ,350Ton 1sets, 400Ton 1sets ,600Ton 2set, 800Ton 1set ,1300Ton 1set., We combine design - mold fabrication – production to give you the very complete service . We have a very professional design team which can give you professional advice for new product development . We have professional mold fabrication work shop. it makes our mold price more competitive ,we can complete and modify the mold fast . We have big range of plastic injection molding machine so that we can mass produce different sizes of products with different kind of material , we also supply OEM service , your enquiry will be highly concern.



    We have big range of stamping machine from 7 tons to 120 tons : 7 tons3sets ,25Ton 6sets 30Ton 3set s 50Ton 3sets 60Ton 2 sets 80Ton 3sets 100Ton 2sets 120Ton 2sets,we are good at customizing, we design and develop mould ,the big ranges of metal products are developed by ourself , we make product with different material , we can supply the product with close tolerance, complex stampings and assembly ,we will supply our product with good price , short lead time with quality assurance, your enquiry will be highly concern.


    Wire Technology

    We are very professional in producing wire product , we have good experience from producing big range of products ,include household product , hotel product etc ,we made big range of patent wine rack,different designs in good qulilty which you will surely find a one you like, we update our product every season , we like to be a pioneer of wine rack manufacturer , pls check our big range wine rack and wire product in our website –product.we also have good technology to customize wire product ,your enquiry will be hignly concerned .we will surely give you our best price , short lead time with quality assurance.



    We are very professional in machining ,the machine we have include: 8 CNC machine and 10 digital lathe , we have good experience in processing many kinds of products which apply to electronic product, household appliance, furniture ,OA facility ,stationary etc .the product we produced get very good response ,we will combine other tooling method to meet client’s requirement